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The standardized labels work!
Some of the most notable brands in the world are using the standardized labels. They are reporting over 50% increases in their recycling levels and saving thousands of dollars in trash hauling*!

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Recycle Across America is grateful and honored to have the support of actor and GQ’s Ambassador of the year,

Peter Facinelli

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why recycle

Recycling is the #1 action we can do for the environment, the economy and our future on this planet. If we recycle more and more importantly recycle right, more companies will be able to start using recycled materials in their manufacturing vs. depleting limited natural resources. Recycling creates jobs, saves water, saves energy, saves money, and can even improve our health and the well-being of all species. Watch the video!

confusion = trash

Millions of different looking labels on recycling bins causes mistakes, apathy, and public skepticism about the importance of recycling. As a result, millions of tons of trash are thrown in recycling bins everyday, often making the recyclables too costly to process and too contaminated for manufacturers to reuse.

bad math on this amazing planet

The human population is growing exponentially and the resources needed for us to exist on this planet are quickly being depleted - which is bad math. This is why we must be better at collecting and reusing our materials. In the U.S. we generate more than 250 million tons of trash per day, but we have the ability to reuse 85%+ of those materials. It’s critical that we recycle more and we recycle right, which is why the standardized labels are referred to by the NY Times as “one of the top environmental solutions taking root today.”

out of sight. not out of mind.

Just because our waste magically disappears with a truck every week doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist anymore. We’re fortunate to have a tidy system in the U.S. so that it all vanishes; or maybe we’re not. Maybe we need to see just how much there is and how it’s affecting us and the world around us, to become concerned enough to do something about it.

This is why the documentary “Trashed”, created by international award winning filmmaker Candida Brady and Academy Award winning actor Jeremy Irons is a MUST SEE. Watch movie trailer here.

helping the next generation

One of the best places to help facilitate systemic change in the world is in K-12 schools. Young people are passionate about the planet and with the use of standardized labels on school bins, we are teaching the next generation to become lifelong proper recyclers.

Thanks to amazing corporate donors, we have donated hundreds of thousands of free standardized labels to public schools. Schools are reporting that because of these labels, they have doubled their recycling levels and in one school district, they are saving approximately $200,000 in landfill fees per year (net savings)! Watch the news video!